The fungus from The Last of Us is real

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If anyone else calls the infected from The Last of Us “zombies”, I’m going to start taking names.  Drawing upon things nightmares are made of, The Last of Us stuck with their efforts with realism – the fungus from the game is real, and actually infects things already!

The Cordyceps Fungus, a real parasite, infects all manner of insects and grows in their brain.  Once infected, the insects lose control as they’re forced to ensure the survival of the fungus.  They are eventually destroyed by it, as the fungus sprouts of the body and spreads its spores to other critters.  This virus has been known to wipe out entire ant colonies.  Much like Avian flu and Swine flu have spread to humans, The Last of Us is based on the idea of the Cordyceps jumping to humans.  You can read more about it here.

Or, if you’re ready for true terror, watch this video.  

Now imagine that spreading among humans.  Now pour some lovely mushroom sauce on anything without cringing.  Kinda gives that band “infected mushroom” a whole different vibe.

Oh, and it’s not just the Cordyceps that you have to worry about – there are a variety of fungi that are wiping out amphibians, bats, bees, corals and sea turtles.  Fungi are deadly because they can spread so fast – they infect everything before the population gets sparse enough for it to be less effective.

So, after surviving the emotional roller coaster that is The Last of Us, I have another reason to hide in the fetal position for the next, oh, rest of my life.

Last Updated: June 27, 2013

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