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The game designer formerly known as Puff CliffyB Diddly Daddy. Who cares?

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This is something that got on my nerves.

Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer for Gears of War 2 told Stephen Totilo from MTV that he no longer wants to be called “CliffyB”, the nickname that we all know and one that has been used for him since the 90’s.

In his post, Totilo says:

“Yesterday he confirmed to me that he is dropping the old nickname.

It’s “time to grow up a bit,” he wrote in a quick note. The name may have suited a 20-something Cliffy B who used to make work on “Unreal Tournament” games and run a website featuring cats sandwiched in copy machines.

Cliff Bleszinski, however, is an early 30s developer at the top of his game. He and his team are working on getting “Gears 2″ done for the fall and they’re well past nicknames — at least any they want to be known by publicly.

I’m sorry, but what the heck is this? I admire Cliff’s work and I am really excited to see what he brings forward with Gears of War 2, but this?

I’m sorry Mr. Bleszinski, but you are not a rockstar, you are not a celebrity, so stop damn well trying to act like one. We are indeed getting to a point in our generation where gaming is becoming a large industry where more and more industry names are becoming well known, but this is just stupid.

I’ve noticed that with the release of Gears of War 2, “CliffyB” has been parading around like some sort of movie star, chainsawing through paper walls and announcing new titles. The guy is just all over the place and I’m sure that Epic and Microsoft are both quite set on using him as the face for Gears of War 2.

I don’t know what is going on in his head right now, sure he wants his name to sound more respectable, but this is the gaming industry. Fans don’t want to hear that you are trying to grow up.

Get serious Cliff, or rather, don’t.

source: MTV Multiplayer Blog via N4G

Last Updated: May 22, 2008

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