The Gamer Challenge – F34R_SW4RL3Y vs S1lv3rT0rch

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There is a new digital magazine on the block and one of the ideas that they are bringing to the table is to setup 1-v-1 games in what they are calling The Gamer Challenge.

The idea’s pretty cool and anything that improves the local gaming community is always a winning idea in my book.

This week we get to the annoyingly named F34R_SW4RL3Y up against the equally annoyingly named S1lv3rT0rch in a game of Modern Warfare 2.

However to add a bit of excitement the rule is that you start with the sniper and then after a kill you can upgrade to the Mini Uzi then after the next kill you get the FAL and so on… once you die you are back down to the sniper.

If you’re wondering Swarley won and if you think you can take him.. or others then head on over to The Gamer SA and follow the instructions.

Last Updated: October 28, 2010

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