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The Gamers Gate Specials – 29 July 2013

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It’s Monday. That automatically means that life sucks and you better get back to work before your boss catches you reading this. Or you can say testicles to that upcoming meeting on staff synergy, and download some games instead. Here’s a few newer ones that are worth that final paycheck.

Shadowrun Returns Deluxe

The beauty of Shadowrun Returns isn;t that it happens to have some old school flavour with some new school ideas. It’s that this is a game which is going to have a lifestyle far beyond the initial cyberpunk campaign that it offers gamers.

Packed with modding tools, this is the kind of game that has already started to grow a community of gamers who are hard at work adding more to the title. And not charging a cent for it. What more could you ask for, than a game that gives back and encourages said digital charity from its players?

G gate (1)G gate (2)G gate (3)

[button size=”large” window=”yes” link=http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-SRRD/shadowrun-returns-deluxe]Buy Now for only R341[/button]

Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger

The old West was a time when men were dirty, the beds in certain saloons were even filthier and the gun ruled. Call of Juarez: The Gunslinger is all of that, but with far more bullets, less whistlin’ Dixie and buckets of blood.

It’s a straight forward shooter that don’t take no sass and while it may not be the next Call of Duty, it’s still a damn fine game on its own that knows how to slap leather and draw fast.

G gate (8)G gate (7)G gate (9)

[button size=”large” window=”yes” link=http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-COJG/call-of-juarez-gunslinger]Buy Now for only R146[/button]

The Walking Dead: 400 days

Last year’s The Walking Dead was one of those rare instances where the video game inspired by the source comic book material and TV series didn’t only equal the quality of what came before it, but surpassed it completely.

It may be a point ‘n click, but The Walking Dead still has one of the best tales told in gaming today, with your choices and decisions shaping the final outcome, and the entire journey itself towards the heart-breaking conclusion.

400 Days runs the infected gauntlet of that game universe, detailing day one of the zombie apocalypse through to the day 400, as five survivors attempt to stay off the menu of the shuffling deceased, with consequences from your playthrough in the first season of the game making itself heard and felt in this expansion.

G gate (5)G gate (6)G gate (4)

[button size=”large” window=”yes” link=http://www.gamersgate.com/DLC-WD400D/the-walking-dead-400-days]Buy Now for only R49[/button]

Remember, Gamers Gate games are hosted on Mweb servers, so for once, locals get to enjoy download speeds that make the concept of buying games online actually worthwhile and more convenient than heading outside into the cold to a bricks and mortar games shop.

Last Updated: July 29, 2013


  1. Ghost Recon future solidier @ R97


    • BacchusZA

      July 29, 2013 at 17:14

      Bought that for PC. Played maybe an hour. Of which 50 minutes was fighting with it so I could just control the character. Eventually gave up & uninstalled it, then sent a nasty email to Ubisoft.

      The worst, buggiest, most literally unplayable and fundamentally broken piece of crap console port I’ve ever had the misfortune to waste money on. And *don’t* get me started on UPlay….. It’s at least as bad and pointless as that Origin crap, only it doesn’t have Mass Effect 3 to make me almost willing to put up with its nonsense.

      Which is a pity, because GR: Future Soldier is evidently a pretty good game, & I’d rather looked forward to getting it.


      • Admiral Chief Minion 47

        July 30, 2013 at 07:41

        Still no patch for it?


  2. Tortoise

    July 29, 2013 at 12:33

    So want you’re saying is Gamersgate “sale” = normal steam prices?


    • Admiral Chief Minion 47

      July 29, 2013 at 12:36

      That’s what I thought as well, but upon closer inspection, they actually have some lekker specials.

      Yes, for instance the 400 days is R1 more expensive than Steam.

      But I say, support local! Buy if you can!


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