The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (01 February 2013)

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It may be a new month, but we ain’t done with January yet! While we load up Yolanda’s Mazda GLC with a few jigawatts of lightning so that we can go get back that R50 that the first month of the year owes us, enjoy the following timey-wimey highlights of the week that was.

Best story

I may have licked one too many toads this week, because I somehow managed to churn out one of the most absoludicrous reviews ever, in the form of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. Hell, looking back, I still have no idea what the hell my fevered brain created in that writing session, but I do know that I had plenty of fun writing it.

Worst story

Between politicians salivating at an opportunity to pass the blame and, Xbox and Nintendo losing cash and THQ being strip-mined, there was plenty of bad news this week. But our hearts go out to the family of Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil, after he passed away due to pancreatic cancer. If cancer was a physical person, I’d kick it in the nuts right about now. With boots like this.

Best ION header


Attractive ladies are a page-turner here. But attractive ladies sans any clothing and just a well placed logo bar? Now that’s how you generate some love and website hits! Just ask Fiona Erdmann, or Erdmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan as Erwin called her.

Most comments

Gavin takes this one in a landslide this week. All we’ve been thinking about lately, is the Playstation 4, and Gavin has only been too happy to surf through the darkest recesses of the internet while being pelted with insults aimed at his sexuality, to find some kickass concept pieces for what a future PS4 console could look like. And one design that he found, notched him 81 comments at the end of the day.

Least comments

And on the opposite end of that spectrum, it looks like I’m the comment loser of the week, dredging up a pitiful two comments for giving you guys free GTA V wallpapers. And I thought that we were all mutually antagonistic of one another, sniff.

Batman of the week


Me! I’m Batman this week! NIENER NIENER NIENER, IT’S NOT ANYONE ELSE! Ha, I feel freaking awesome right now, as our weekly race to see who had the most impact in the last couple of days ended with me winning by a decent margin.Remember guys, I’m the Batman that you need, not the one that you deserve.

Header of the week


Disney wants to see if their video games are unnecessarily violent. Natural Born Killers. Mickey and Mallory. WHY DID NOBODY GET THIS JOKE?

Comment of the week

As usual, OVG has tripped the light fantastic into banana to bring us some sage pearls of crazy, as he hit us with another Tshirt worthy comment this week;

What did we and the Baby Boomers play with before Videogames?


Tired of all these adult hypocrites. One day everybody over 50 will die and the Comic book generation will take over.

Sure, we dont collect realistic looking DAISY GUNS and shoot our SCHOOL FRIENDS during lunchtime. We shoot each other in videogames.

Guns dont kill people. SHIT PARENTS DO.

Stay bacon OVG, stay bacon!

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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