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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 04 April 2014

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Welcome to the weekly wrap! Filled with non-existent ingredients, that’ll go down a treat and help you lose weight! Why, our dead interns and their dangerous weight loss are proof of how effective our wrap happens to be!

Best Story

Microsoft has a new boss in charge of Xbox, and this time, it’s a decision that has given the console company back some hope. Phil Spencer will be heading up that division, putting his industry experience to good use. And the first such announcement from Microsoft and Spencer? A renewed focus on the Xbox One as a games platform, which we’ll get a taste of at E3.

Worst Story

Easily the worst news this week, was the announcement that PC Format would be closing its doors for good in the SA market. Despite a tremendous amount of work by the PC Format staff and our favourite Wookie Garth, the market just wasn’t profitable enough for the magazine to exist.

Ask anyone who happens to be a fan of gaming, PC know-how or quality writing, and you’ll find out just how hard this news hit the fans of that long-running publication.

Best ION Header


If karma is real, I want to reincarnate as Jessica Hall’s couch.

Most Comments

Proving that he still has what it takes to drum up some conversation, Gavin initiated a massive debate on the value of 3D TV. Mainly, that it’s worthless, annoying and that this fad needs to die a painful death.

Least Comments

With Zoe back in her homeland for most of the week, and Stephen having been eaten by dingos, it was up to yours truly to get the least possible comments on article. And it was a challenge that I eagerly accepted, crafting a range of low-scoring articles, with a post on the Company of Heroes 2 expansion scoring a miserable six comments.

Batman Of The Week


I was almost Batman this week. By mere single digits of a percentage. And then as usual, Geoff came and slipped me up from behind. Without even buying me supper. Bastard.

Header Image Of The Week


I don’t care what anyone else in the staff says this week, this image for Star Citizen staying indie is genius in my book. GENIUS.

Comment Of The Week

This week, we’re letting democracy take over so that you can all judge who truly had the comment of the week. In no way should this be misconstrued as me being too damn lazy to go through hundreds and hundres of comments to pick a winner this week.

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

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