Come one, come all to the greatest show in the world! Watch the amazing Zoe spell words in a manner that can only be described as American! See the Amazing Geoff contract all manner of diseases! Watch the spectacular Gavin realise that eating hot chilis was a bad idea! Bring the kids!

Best Story

You know what’s the one video game character that I really miss playing as? Mega Man. Trust me, you haven’t earned the blisters on your thumb until you’ve died yet again trying to perfectly time a jump amidst a sea of falling crystals until you’ve played at least one of those games.

Things is though, Capcom doesn’t believe in the character. But it’s creator, Keiji Unafune certainly does. So much so, that he took a spiritual succesor to Kickstarter and asked for support.

And he got that support, within mere hours.Suck it Capcom.

Worst Story

I really liked the concept behind Microsoft’s Illumiroom. To me, I could see potential to combine that with Kinect and create something truly special with gaming. Thing is though, that particular concept is pricy. Too pricy to even be financially feasible.

Which is why I’ll never ever get that Minority Report style of menu-waggling that I dreamed of.

Best ION Header


It’s been a really solid week for ION headers. Which made choosing just one all the more difficult. Hell, we even got a great local ION lady this week, which is possibly a sign that Half-Life 3 will be released next year.

But personally, I think Alina Vacariu deserves top spot this week.

Most Comments

Holy nutballs on a pike, combining Sony and pissed off gamers from the UAE is one sure-fire way to tally up 181 comments. Dammit Gavin, stop gloating.

Least Comments

Don’t feel too bad about Illumiroom being a pipe dream you guys. Because Geoff put the eff in FA with his artilce on it, that earned him a mere three comments.

Batman Of The Week


So Gavin scooped Batman of the week, by being his usual bastard self and overruling any dibsing on stories that we wanted to post, for himself. I’m now also contractually obligated to go brush up on my Zulu and start singing his praises about his Batmannishness whenever he enters a room.

Stupid fine print.

Header Image Of The Week


Geoff can have header if the week. For providing the creepiest reason yet on why you should avoid buying a Wii U. Brrrrr.

Comment Of The Week

Hey Timster! We almost had heart attacks when we saw this comment and image, before collectively calling shenanigans.

My buddy has already got the game says it came into stores yesterday!!! EDIT ITS A FAKE I WAS JUST KIDDING LOL


You fiend.

Last Updated: September 6, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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