The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 14 June 2013

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Ah, E3 week.  Darryn and Geoff will need crutches when they return due to bone compression in their feet (and I don’t even want to know what American food as done to them), while Gavin and I need to make a massive bonfire to keep warm.  So much news that’s come out this week, it’s amazing.  Lots of cool stuff, interesting news, and pictures from LA – I’m certainly excited about this coming year in gaming.

Best Story

The PS4 will support used games and will not need to be online.  Oh, and it’s the cheaper console, but a lot.  Wow, Sony, way to win people over!

Worst Story

Microsoft has been digging their own grave, particularly with their horrible comments and not working globally upon release.  Geoff and Darryn were very impressed with the console when they got their hands on it at E3 – there are some fundamental problems with the way the Xbox One is being handled, but could be fixed so easily.

Best ION Header

I’m sure  you guys wanted me to use the naked chick in the sand, but I’m sorry.  In keeping with the testosterone fueled IONs this week, this is totally the best.

Most Comments

Geoff got this honor this week.  There was a lot to say about the fact that the Xbox One won’t work if you import it early.  Sad news.

Least Comments

Matt released so much news as it came out, not everything got noticed.  So he gets least comments for quite a few of his articles.

Batman of the Week

Despite the fact that Geoff is actually Batman this week, we have decided to award this honor to Matt for his awesome coverage during the E3 press conferences.  Thank you for pulling an all-nighter, and releasing the news as it came out.  You are definitely Batman this week!

Best Header Image

Because Cyanide and Happiness make me happy.  So very happy.

Comment of the Week

Although it was stolen from YouTube, we still love this comment from Sir Rants a Lot Llew on Geoff’s editorial

I saw that video earlier. Hahaha. Best comment on the youtube channel I saw?
XboxOne: *dials 911* Help! I’m being murdered by PS4!
911: An ambulance has been dispatched to your location
WiiU WiiU WiiU WiiU

Last Updated: June 14, 2013

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