The good, the bad, and the ugly of the last week (15 February 2013)

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Thank the gods it’s Friday! Geoff and I had a wonderful week after shipping Darryn off to North Korea on a cargo plain and selling Gavin on the Capetonian black market. The only thing left to do now is revel in our victory, check out the best and worst of this week.

Best Story

There were no best stories this week, you get nothing! Good day sir!

Worst Story

I don’t know which is worse, Aliens: Colonial Marines being sold on lies or Next Gen not likely to be backwards compatible. It’s like gamers just don’t matter anymore, if we aren’t being sold a pile of steaming horse poop concealed in some pretty wrapping and shiny advertising, we’re being given the finger with next-gen consoles on the horizon.

Best ION Header


Even though Little Caprice looks a tiny bit uncomfortable in that position, she’s the best ION lady of the week. I don’t really know what else to say here, this isn’t weird okay!

Most Comments

In the eyes of the Master Geoff, this week is a hollow victory, but it’s a victory none-the-less. He takes the most comments award this week with “Next gen” no better than Crysis 3 with 66 comments, close runner up being his review of that “clichéd, stereotypical bravado-laden, gung-ho corridor shooter that’s mildly fun but never engaging”, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Least Comments

Who wants to play Ghost Assassin Recon Creed Online? No one apparently! With only one comment, Darryn takes this spot. I’m just disappointed I couldn’t hand him the award myself, in person. Give him a pair of Lazygamer underpants for coming in last place. Because god knows he needs them.

Batman of the week

It’s a pretty dismal day for Geoff; he once again takes a hollow victory. Being batman this week means less to him than online multiplayer games.

Best Header Image SuperBru Pool Captain, Admiral Chief Erwin SuperBru Pool Captain, Admiral Chief Erwin

I’m just going to go ahead and say that my Photoshop skills of awesome produced the best header image the world has ever seen. Super Erwin is the personification of SuperBru perfection and  hair as amazing as stroking a unicorn’s mane.

Best Comment

Truer words have never been spoken. Lardus says what we were all thinking looking at that header image of the Aliens guy and the Xenomorph.

The guy in the header looks more constipated than full of fear. Is that the look they were going for? I believe the Xenomorph is just politely asking him to give a courtesy flush!

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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