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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 16 August 2013

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It’s back baby! There may not have been a wrap-up of news last week, but you can blame a public holiday and neither one of us not wanting to get out of bed that Friday for that absence. But absence makes the heart grow Jane Fonda, as my terminally ill great-uncle would say when he was tripping out on morphine. I’ll miss the old geezer. I can still hear his muffled screams, even to this day when I fluff a pillow.

Best Story

Ladies and gentlemen, Lazygamer is now officially an indie game developer. And we’ve even got an accolades trailer to prove it! While we wait for offers of documentary crews to film us 24/7 for an Oscar winning short to flood our inbox, don’t forget to jam the game yourself.

According to L Ron Hubbard, it’s the kind of game that’ll make you question the quality of the industry today and it clearly deserves for several Best of E3 2013 awards to retroactively be awarded to it.

Worst Story

Dammit Xbox One, every time you deliver some good news, we have to take it with a pinch of bad news as well. While the Playstation 4 will be launching worldwide later this year, the Xbox One will be coming out in fewer territories. And now, that number just became less. Hard cheese if you’re a 2014 location then.

Best ION Header


Oh man, Frizzi Arnold is looking hot today! Get it? Because flames? Thank you I’ll be here all week! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!

Most Comments

GTA V is coming to PC! No wait, it’s not! Well, at least we’ve covered all the bases with this game so far. Thanks for 125 comments Nividia.

Least Comments

Bah, I should have launched you all into space when I had the chance. Everyone knows that I happen to love the animated series The Legend of Korra, and despite my best attempt to bloodbend some comments my way, I only got one pitiful response to the update on that super-awesome TV show.

Batman Of The Week


Well done Geoff, for completely edging me out of the Batman of the week award, YET AGAIN. It’s not who Geoff is underneath that matters, but what he types that defines him.

Header Image Of The Week


To hell with everyone else, I’m taking this award for myself with a Three’s Company reference that no one got. All that hard work, for naught! NAUGHT I SAY!

Comment Of The Week

Well done D4rkl1ng, your failure to launch GIF about the Xbox One delay was just…perfect.


Last Updated: August 16, 2013

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