The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 16 May 2014

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I suppose I should write some sort of intro here. Nah. Hit the jump instead, it’s Friday and I’m lazier than usual on this day of days.

Best Story

Xbox One. Without the Kinect. Can I get a Hallelujah? Criticisms of 180s aside, I feel that this gaming generation is now starting to truly heat up. And ditching the always-on requirement ahead of the local September launch is just icing on the cake for me.

Worst Story

I may not be a fan of DayZ, but I’m even less of a fan of hackers. And I’m not talking about the ones who spend all day hacking payphones and hanging around in gigantic arcades. One such cracker hacker has made the claim that the source code for the game is in his or hers hands. Which means a ton of cheats, exploits and downright nusiances might be on the way.

And that’s just Zero Cool.

Best ION Header


Relax guys. The cosplay header this week wasn’t a dude dressing up as a lady who happened to be a dude in a video game after an operation that left said person as a dudette. It’s actually a lady dressed up as a dude who had an operation to become a dudette. Those rumblings in your loins are perfectly natural. You perves.

Most Comments

I’m thankful for the internet. It has allowed me to learn about the world, find new forms of entertainment and make some cash. It’s also proven to be a haven for people who likes all manner of weird porn and has been a death knell for various printed skin mags.

Which is why I just don’t get the appeal of a new page 3 magazine with a very specific niche fetish, something that most of you agree on.

Least Comments

Hey, it’s cool. I get that not everyone is a fan of DOTA and The International. It’s not like I was forced to do this article at the last minute or anything. It’s not like I spent the better part of an hour getting the schedule right and all the facts in order. I’m ok with all my effort netting me only two comments.

I’ll just go lie in this corner over here, while listening to some Linkin Park. CRAAAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIIN!

Batman Of The Week


I was this close. This damn close to reclaiming my rightful spot as Batman, until Geoff had to swoop in and steal my thunder again. But it’s fine. I’ve had to struggle and fight my way just to be Robin of the Week, as my trip out of the office gave Zoe and Gavin the chance that they needed to finally climb the rankings.

So well done once again Geoff. Ya bastard.

Header Image Of The Week


You know what’s really funny? I had an even worse header image idea in mind for my Wolfenstein story about the day one uber-patch. Fortunately, the gang managed to talk some sense into me, which is how we wound up with this fantastic piece of modern art instead.

Comment Of The Week

I may not know much about the football, but I do know a good burn when I see it. So pass the burn heal to Gavin, as Hammersteyn nailed a KFC Zinger this week with extra wings in the Yu Gi Oh story:

Gavin use his card against Man City, it was negated to second place 😛

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

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