The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the last week – 19 July 2013

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I'm a brick!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday and…Holy crap, it’s Friday? What the hell did I drink on Monday night? And why did I wake up in a bathtub full of ice and with a suspicious scar on my side?

Best Story

There were plenty of feel-good stories this week, from a plea for gamers to not be dicks yesterday for Madiba’s birthday, through to more charitable ventures. But seeing as how I’m a cheap bastard who has toilet paper drying on the washing line, the idea of the Oculus Rift one day being free was far more awesome in my opinion.

Worst Story

There’s no shortage of people in this world that’d sooner blame those darn vidjer garmez for the eventual fall and collapse of society, but incorrectly singling it out with any facts or evidence for a death of a teenager? That’s most likely why hobos these days refuse to wipe their buttocks with the Daily Mail, which isn’t even worth the rags its printed on.

Best ION Header


It seems that Johanna Lundback has given several of you hope. At least I’m praying that that is hope in your pants.

Most Comments

I was on track this week to get most comments, an award that I covet far more than Zoe and her incessant pleas for Batman of the week. Victory would have been mine this week, mine I say! Then as usual, Geoff took me from behind with a 205 comment post. And he didn’t even buy me supper first.

Least Comments

Dammit, I’m sucking harder than a euphemism that I can’t remember right now. Not only do I get pipped for most comments yet again, but I’ve received least comments as well for the EVO round-up post. It’s like you guys would rather watch people bliksem one another in real life.

Batman Of The Week

Totally legit

Aww yeah. Once again, my rad skills, eye to detail and eagerness to work have paid off. No, that’s a lie. It’s all thanks to Pokémon. I REGRET NOTHING!


Ha! Brenda Fassie was a little too eager this week and he is not actually Batman… in fact I, the great and gloating Gavin Mannion, stole Batman in the last 10 minutes with a 0.1% winning margin… SUCK IT SUNSHINE

Header Image Of The Week


The beauty of Geoff’s header this week, is that if you found it funny, then you’re most likely also feeling bad afterwards for actually understanding what it means. Yep, we’re all horrible people.

Comment Of The Week

We usually have a comment here that is most times a few cuckoos short of an insane asylum, but Brenz takes the cake this week for being so, so dry about Modern Warfare 4. So no Bells for him, but give hima Savannah instead:

Ooh another modern warfare, i cannot wait.
Now I realise that this site approaches gaming news with a slightly humorous light, but to even say the words new IP in context with these studios is silly, there is humour and then there is silliness, please control yourselves in the future.

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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