The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 22 August 2014

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You know the drill by now. Stuff after the jump. Actual power tools at your local hardware store.

Best Story

We’ve had a ton of news this week. New Humble Bundles, previews of upcoming games and whatnot. But for the life of me, I just cannot stop watching the mad skills of Robert The Bruce, as Fish Plays Street Fighter has managed to consume my life. For reals, I cannot get enough of those crazy combos and OHMERGERHD AQUARIOUS IS MAKING A COMEBACK!

Worst Story

I have no idea what Matty is talking about in his news about Minecraft and something something server. All I know is, is that according to people, it’s bad m’kay. I also know that this means that less wildlife is being punched to digital death, and that’s something that makes me proper angry.

Best ION Header


Geoff wins best ION header for not only some tasteful photos, but for going on and on and on about his free Gamescom meal which has now made me hungry again. Bastard.

Most Comments

139 comments on a piece of hardware that looks like someone chopped one of those flying drone thingamajigs in half. You hardware enthusiasts sure do love your technology.

Least Comments

Despite my use of a dino-mite pun, most of you were like “Oh Plesiosaur” and ignored some truly fantastic cosplay in the process. I’d be upset with my paltry comment that I earned, but I’m going to enjoy a hot cup of tea-rex instead. Edit: We realised that we’re bastards, so Geoff added a comment to that post. Sandy now hast least comments, for Bloodborne.

Cabbage Of The Week


Good things come in threes, and so do terrible, horrible, inhuman things. Like my nipples. With that being said, Sandy is your cabbage for the week, and not Martha for once.

Batman Of The Week

Batman august

I just want to tell you all that it’s an absolute pleasure to be Batman of the week for a third time this month so far, and that whatever Zoe says or presents as solid proof is an absolute lie and you can’t have the trophy back it’s mine dammit why I can I be Batman I have the suit I HATE YOU I AM THE NIGHT I AM NOT TAKING THIS WELL!

Header Image Of The Week


Heh. Mordor She Wrote. I slay myself. And according to Jessica Fletcher rules, that’s a very real possibility.

Comment Of The Week

We’re a mature lot here at Lazygamer, and by extension, you guys. No, that’s a lie. That’s why I love comments that take cheap yet clever potshots, like this one towards our dear banana Jim Lenoir by our ever-present Admiral:

Wait a few days, you will turn yellow, and then brown.

Blu-Ray Extras

Say, would anyone like some potato salad?

Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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