I’m running low on tea, so you’re going to have to go without your regularly scheduled innuendo-laden intro paragraph this week. Just like, click the link or something. All the cool kids are doing it. Don’t you want to be cool?

Best Story

I think we can all agree that Aliens: Colonial Marines was one of the biggest let-downs of the year, and this entire gaming generation. You’d expect a game that got universally panned to be poison for that franchise, but by the sounds of things, Sega have learnt their lesson for once.

While they’re still content to make Sonic suffer all manner of bad games, they want their next Aliens title to not be kak, so they’re going back to the drawing board. And I like what I’m seeing so far with the ideas that they’re throwing around.

Worst Story

Personally, I think Street Fighter 4 is one of the finest games ever made, and a gift from heaven for fighting game fans that wanted to see some hadoukens thrown in 1080P. The game is a couple of years old now though, and it’s time for a proper sequel, not another re-release.

Thing is, we won’t see Street Fighter 5 in the near future, because Capcom ain’t that flush with cash anymore.

Best ION Header


Can we all just agree that the “come hither” face of Ashley Zeitler is one of the best images we’ve seen all week?

Most Comments

While we’ve been correcting our intern’s mistakes this week with therapeutic shock therapy, we’ve also made Vicky write an article or two. Gavin tasked Vicky with a top ten list, and thanks to his bad taste where he included not one, but three  Fable games (MOLYNEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUX!), you lot had over 300 comments of a field day. Nice work.

Least Comments

For once, Geoff has received the least amount of comments possible, netting only a mere 8 of them on his Super Mario post. And seeing as how Geoff normally trounces the rest of us when it comes to attracting readers and responses, I’m taking this as a sign that the apocalypse is on the way. Or Half-Life 3.

Batman Of The Week


And at the very last minute, Geoff has taken my Batman throne away from me. It’s a  hollow victory though, seeing as how Gavin fixed the system yet again to keep me out of the running. To celebrate, I’m going to get a marching band to spread the news. Right next to Geoff, who happens to have a particularly nasty headache right now.

Best Header Image


Dammit Geoff, you know the quickest way to my heart is to put something Ghostbuster-related into anything. You win man, you win.

Comment Of The Week

Well done Hammersteyn, for making me realise that this entire nation might be home to bunch of Bane bruisers:

I also use Venom like Bane. Only we call it Klippies and Cola.

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