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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 29 November 2013

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I’m trying to write this while finally making myself some sort of meal that fills the void left in my stomach by not having time to make breakfast/brunch/lunch/supper, so I do apologise if the weekly wrap is covered in egg grease stains.

Best Story

One of my favourite success stories of recent years has to be Star Citizen, which just won’t stop raising cash and now has over $33 million to match the grand ambitions that are being promised to gamers. That kind of cash buys a whole lot of high definition faith.

Worst Story

Honestly, how low in life do you have to sink to want to actively hack Pokémon X and Y just so that you can beat a child at virtual monster-battling?

Best ION Header


I think the lovely Ashley Zeitler will silence anyone who has been complaining about the fact that I provide a lovely lady for free almost every single day since I started working here.

Most Comments

Evidently many of you are still wearing your Grove Street colours, as news of San Andreas downsizing and headed to mobile devices earned Geoff 143 comments.

Least Comments

And on the opposite side of that spectrum, I made just two comments for my secret technique post on the new Naruto game. With one of those comments coming from me as well. So that’s how it feels to be certain gaming sites.

Bicycle Repair Man Of The Week

Bicycle Repair Man

I’m tired of not being Batman lately, so this week I’m making Gavin that other great hero, Bicycle Repair Man. Look at how he uses a spanner! See how he mends that tube with his bare hands! Faulty bicycles and international communism are no match for…Bicycle Repair Man!

Header Image Of The Week


Screw the entire team at Lazygamer, I will not go empty-handed this week. I’m nabbing best header for myself, thanks to my love of  a good Final Fantasy game and the upcoming Quantum Break.

Comment Of The Week

And OVG wins the presitigious comment of the week award for his keen insight into next-gen gaming:

"non-gaming related" ????
I thought the entire reason to buy a next gen console is because they are not gaming related.

Last Updated: November 29, 2013

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