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The Good, the bad and the ugly of the last week–23 August 2013

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Man, what a week! Zoe and I have been busy, with nary a peep from the three G’s. We think they may all be dead. In unrelated news, three tourists were found dead in Koln after having keeled over from an intense drinking session that made their livers explode.

Best Story

Not only does the Playstation 4 finally have a Randela-based price, but a release date to go with it! We were initially concerned that the new console wouldn’t be here in time for Christmas, but thanks to Ster Kinekor, it’ll be on the Christmas list of every child when it lands December 6.

And disappointing the little bastards with that price tag will be a Christmas gift in itself for me.

Worst Story

Sorry League of Legends, but you got hacked yo. And not in a horror movie way, but in a Deus Ex manner. All those credit card details, out in the wild! THE FIENDS!

Best ION Header


I think Jenni Lee and that fiiiiiine fireplace behind her behind wins this week, hands down. No seriously, hands down. I don’t want to see what you perves have been up to.

Most Comments

Speaking of Playstation 4, that price barrier certainly has had you lot talking. While it’s nowhere near as bad as what the Playstation 3 cost us several years ago on launch, it’s still going to be pricy enough to eat up an entire 13th cheque.

Least Comments

The article that couldn’t perform satisfactorily or produce really any comments this week, is all my fault. I dig ninjas and zombies, but it looks like my article on a funky mash-up of the two, only garnered one pity-comment this entire week.

Dammit, sniff, it’s not fair.

Batman Of The Week


With Geoff, Grant and Gavin not here this week, and running around the Koelnmesse experiecing glorious next-generation games that makes the current-gen back look kak, I took the Batman award this week by a landslide.

I’d like to say that I couldn’t do this without my team, but the truth is, is that they’re all a dead weight around my neck that is dragging me down and that I am clearly brilliant and that this site would be dead without me. But at least I’m modest about my glory.

Header Image Of The Week


I’ll let Zoe have this award. Because her Indie Zoe photoshop skills are so damn bad, that they’re brilliant. And honestly, bringing a chuckle to your faces is what makes for a great header image.

Comment Of The Week

Honestly, how can I be angry at an insult that makes me not only LOL, but LOLVOE Range Rover in response to it?

And our dear Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs did just that this week, in response to an article on Batman villains. Such as Deathstroke:

Deathstroke always makes me think of the way Darryl will be leaving planet Earth one day…After finding a box of nudie mags, Deathstroke ensues.

Last Updated: August 23, 2013

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