The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 19 April 2013

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Ladies and gentlemen! Girls and boys of all ages! Welcome to the weekly wrap-up! Better than Cirque do Soleil and with twice the amount of spandexed crotches in your face while pretending to be artsy, it truly is the greatest show on earth!

Best Story

I’m awarding this to myself this week, so that I can actually get something for once. Behold my encyclopaedic knowledge of football! And by encyclopaedic, I mean that I read a volume on woodwork instead of sports.

Worst Story

Gaming is for everyone, young or old, healthy or not. And then you get the scumbags who fake a disability so that they can make some quick sympathy cash in the process, leeching off the industry like one of the Mandela grandchildren on our iconic former president.

Best ION Header


Hayden Hawkens is our ION lady of the week. And not just because she reminds me of my childhood crush, Dr Blight from Captain Planet.

Most Comments

True story: Whenever it looks like I’m close to getting the most comments of the week, Geoff and Gavin will swoop down from the onyx thrones to reign down troll-bait articles in an attempt to steal any remaining joy from my life.

Which is why Gavin is walking home with the prize this week of 92 comments on an Xbox article, while I cry myself to sleep yet again.

Least Comments

Oh look, I won a second award this week! Not that I want this one specifically. I chatted to Mike Sepso in the capital of crazy hobos, Hollywood last week. And he really is a swell guy, who loves his job genuinely. None of you cared about that though.

I am a sad panda.

Batman Of The Week


In a race closer than the final week of tax return season, Geoff scooped top honours this week, leaving Gavin in second place. Which makes Gavin the Robin of the week. And which leaves me as the Batgirl of the week, thanks to a third place finish.

Header Image Of The Week


Dammit Geoff, you know that I have an allergic reaction to bananas and puns and I may be swelling up andbrgkdghd;sskdhsdkbs’bhskhbvs;b sdbhs;.

Comment Of The Week

I’ll be honest with you guys here: I’m running late. So WTF101 gets comment of the week for his testacular game idea that I saw first without doing any digging. Imagine FIFA and COD squished together and you’d get:

[quote]Call of Duty and Fifa… Now there is a mash-up I would love to see. Call of Balls…[/quote]

Last Updated: April 19, 2013

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