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The good,the bad and the ugly of the last week – 06 June 2014

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Please heed my warning, before you enter here. This is a den of fart jokes and overused Nazi jokes, inside is all that you fear. Stay close and keep your eyes open, the ghosts of Batman’s past you will meet. The lurkers of comments they congregate here, if they draw you in you will be beat. Beware…

Best Story

I don’t think any one story can come out on top this week, thanks to the news that we have a ton of new games on the way. Mortal Kombat X, Forza Horizon 2 and hell, even Homefront: The Revolution are skipping the E3 reveal for a quick glimpse into the future of gaming.

Worst Story

Hey look, another game that you’ve eagerly been waiting for this year, delayed to 2015! Batman: Arkham Knight joins the latest casualty list, leaving October with the unexpected side-effect of being less cramped this year.

STILL. I was rather looking forward to playing it. Instead, I have to get naked and go cry in a shower.

ION Header Of The Week


Cosplay makes me happy! Especially when I see some ace Japanese ninja with a British mind and psychokintic hand to hand combat abilities expertly portrayed, by the very lovely Margie Cox.

Most Comments

Let’s be honest here: South Africa isn’t as a big a market as some European and American territories, but we’re getting there. Still, because of our size, we’re often overlooked on a multitude of matters, from gaming through to tech. But knowing that we have dedicated local staff looking to change that status quo? Now that’s some positive news.

Least Comments

Due to the fact that Zoe does not have terrible facial hair or side-burns that would make the Wolverine laugh his sides open, her latest indie post has only net her four comments.

Batman Of The Week

yo dawg

Right now, Geoff and I are battling it out for this slot as I write this, with the narcoleptic leading by a mere 1%. Update: Nope. Geoff wins it. Again. 🙁

Header Image Of The Week


Dammit, Geoff scoops best header this week again for combining Watch Dogs with kickass Asian cinema. It’s like he’s good at this or something.

Comment Of The Week

Congrats to RinceThis, who finally wins comment of the week. Well, to the best of my knowledge anyway. Here’s his rib-tickler entry this week with regards to Goat Simulator and its patches being a better love story than Twilight:

And still works better than Battlefield 4.

You sir, get a No-Prize.

Last Updated: June 6, 2014

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