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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are heading West this July

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If you haven’t played the Ace Attorney games, you really should. They’re excellent, each and every one of them. While the West has been treated to most of the titles in the franchise, including every entry in the games that starred the iconic Phoenix Wright and the less iconic but still cool Apollo Justice, one particular spin-off/sequel has avoided the West for years. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (as as it’s formally known  first released in 2015 with a sequel following in 2017. Both dropped on the 3DS and neither released outside of Japan and so much time passed that folks began to wonder if they’d ever come our way.

Fortunately, patience has paid off as Capcom has confirmed that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be hitting Western Switches, PS4s, and PCs (through Steam) on 27 July of this year. Both games, those being The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 2: Resolve (they don’t quite roll off the tongue), will be bundled together for this rerelease. Set in the late 1800s, this particular spin-off feels more inspired by Sherlock Holmes than Law and Order. In fact, the protagonist of the series, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, literally travels to England and joins up with Sherlock Holmes to bring truth and justice to the world!

Technically it’s Herlock Sholmes but come on, you know it’s meant to be the same person. Oh, and he’s also the great-great-great-grandfather of Phoenix Wright. Ryūnosuke, not Sherlock that is.


While we did have some idea that an announcement like this was coming thanks to that massive Capcom data breach a few months back, it’s nice to have official confirmation. I want to sit here and tell you that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are very good but I haven’t played them for obvious reasons. Still, I’ve never met an Ace Attorney game I didn’t love so colour me excited for this upcoming release!

Last Updated: April 22, 2021

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