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The Great Import Debacle – Are SK blocking imports?

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Yesterday afternoon a story started hitting the local forums claiming that SterKinekor had instructed SARS agents at customs to block and confiscate all Blu-Ray imports claiming that they are counterfeit copies.

The main accusation stemming from a claim by Zaner on HelloPeter that his Killzone 2 Limited Edition import has been blocked at the request of SterKinekors Brand Lawyers.

If this were true it would mark a dark day for gamers in South Africa who have often relied on importing when the local distributors haven’t brought certain items into the country.

However it seems that the initial accusations were not entirely correct while the game has been held by customs, SterKinekor don’t appear to have anything to do with it. Rather the guys at customs are unsure if the Limited Edition Killzone 2 package they have is a legal version or a pirated copy of the game?

As is the normal procedure here they have sent the offending item of to SAFACT for confirmation of it’s authenticity. While this may annoy all of us who know that you can’t copy PS3 games I don’t think we can really blame the guys at customs over this as we can’t expect them to be at the forefront of all worldwide technologies and possibly we should be applauding them for being pro-active in their attempt to stop piracy.

Granted that’s not going to make Zaner happy and I would also be spitting mad if it happened to me but I don’t think there is any reason to start throwing our group toys just yet.


So to summarise in a nutshell

  • Importing for private use is entirely legal
  • SterKinekor is not blocking legal private imports
  • SterKinekor may be pressuring Customs to block pirated items (PSP and PS2 software springs to mind)
  • The case is being dealt with by the local authority, SAFACT, and the Killzone 2 package should be released once it has been inspected

SterKinekor have not responded to requests for comment yet so all of this is being pieced together from what I have been told by related parties.

[Thanks to Sauron and Prophecy for the tips]

Last Updated: March 11, 2009

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