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The great Xbox 360 warranty confusion

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Here is how I understand how the warranties on Xbox 360’s work…

When you buy the console you are given a 1 year, everything covered, warranty and a seperate 3 year RROD warranty… If your 360 RROD’s you are given an instant replacement and your warranty continues from original date of purchase…

However this has caused some problems for people who’s second consoles have died a few months after getting them and the shops haven’t replaced them due to it now being over a year since the original date of purchase…

However this is actually not true and Fox1 has been kind enough to dig up the information about the warranty…

When you buy a 360 (lets say the 1st of June 2008) you are given a years warranty on everything (valid until June 2009) and a three year RROD warranty (valid to 1st June 2011)….

If your console then RROD’s in July 2009 you can take it in to get replaced, your RROD warranty is then still valid until June 2011 however your one year warranty then starts again and is now valid until July 2010..

The shops will often try and tell you different but according to the official Microsoft website this is the case as you can see here

 Q: How does this warranty differ from your existing warranty?
A: Currently, any Xbox 360 is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty (two years in some parts of the world).  If the console is out of warranty, there is a charge to have it repaired.  It then comes with an additional one year repair warranty.  With these changes, there is effectively a three year warranty with no charge for repair for general hardware failures indicated by the three flashing red lights error code which displays on the console.

Source: http://www.xbox.com/en-ZA/support/systemuse/xbox360/resources/warrantyfaq.htm

[Thanks to Fox1 for the tip and hopefully it saves some tears for you all]

Last Updated: June 3, 2008

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