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The Greybeards are Skyrim's Jedi Masters… kind of

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I am a massive Star Wars geek – colossal some might say. So when my most anticipated game of 2011 gets likened to the root cause of my geekdom, I get excited; possibly nerdgasm excited. The most recent edition of OXM magazine has a 16 page spread on Bethesda’s fifth Elder Scrolls game. As per usual, Todd Howard is interviewed and more details on the game come skulking out of the shadows.

This time around, Howard provides some information on a group known as the Greybeards. They’ve been mentioned in the past, but their role in the game has been made clear. They will play an integral part in the main story quest, and in you learning the Dragon Shout ability. Oh! There’s also a bonus screenshot of a busty blond bar wench after the jump. Go on, you totally want to hit – uhh, I mean, click that.

During the interview Howard elaborates on this mysterious group, but be warned that there is a tiny quest spoiler here:

“They’ve been in the lore before and are the masters of The Voice. So they’ve built their temple up on this mountain to be closer to the sky so they are able to tune themselves with the way of the Voice.

“I don’t know how much I want to spoil about it, but at one point in the game they do call you by shouting your name to the wind. You go there to learn from them – what are these abilities about, and how do I learn from them? They act kind of like the Jedi Masters.”

A bunch of old guys sitting on a mountain teaching you how to kill stuff with your voice? Sounds great! Sure, you won’t be pulling X-wings out of a swamp with your mind, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be just as awesome.

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Last Updated: February 8, 2011

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