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Spicy Horse Games, masterminds behind games like Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters already announced their new project – but now there are some new details, and video! It looks incredible on all accounts. OZombie is an alternative to L. Frank Baum’s Oz universe in a fashion only American McGee can conjure up.

The studio has created a Kickstarter for the project; this is probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Dare I say this game will break away from the usual kickstarter vibe and be just like those alpha funded games we see today? I do.

I wasn’t too convinced about the game, but as the video came closer to the end, it really captured my attention. Also, does that guy have a microphone in his beard? Does that make it a “beard-o-phone”?

Key words they’ve thrown in to make this game more appealing to the public include DRM-free and multiplayer. I’m more intrigued by the single player campaign though, and according to the kickstarter page it “will be first and foremost a single player game.”

Here’s the description given by the studio:

OZombie is a narrative-driven action-adventure game set within an alternate version of the Oz universe created by L. Frank Baum. The game’s themes and characters are inspired by Baum’s deeply imaginative books (all 14 of them!) then filtered through the story and art treatment you’ve seen applied to our other games like Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters.

In OZombie, you will play as Dorothy and interact with many of the fiction’s familiar characters. The multiplayer mode will only be unlocked after the single player and will include MMO features like Raids and PvP. Intriguing indeed.

So far the game has received over $44, 700 in backing after the kickstarter page launched just a day ago. It has a goal of $950, 000.

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Last Updated: June 26, 2013

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