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The Gunstringer gets free, fantastic DLC

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If you’re old enough, you’ll remember how popular Full Motion Video rail shooter games were; none more so than arcade/laserdisc game Mad Dog McCree – a western-themed shooter filled with grade-A  cheese. Twisted Pixel’s The Gunstringer gets a local release this Friday – and it’s already packing some DLC. Don’t start moaning about ‘em charging for incomplete games though, because this DLC is free – and it’s glorious.

Drawing inspiration and paying homage to Mad Dog McCree, Wavy Tubeman Chronicles is an entirely FMV experience (with multiplayer!) that captures the essence, spirit, and delicious fromage of those games of yesteryear. It’s beautiful – and a pretty compelling reason to get The Gunstringer…hell, even Kinect. Twisted Pixel are of course no stranger to filming themselves doing completely stupid and cheesy, yet endearing video – as anybody who finished the fantastic Ms ‘Splosion Man would tell you. It’s time for  all you former lawmen to show the world your rusty sheriff’s badges.

Hit the jump, watch the video, marvel at Twisted Pixel’s awesomeness.

Last Updated: September 13, 2011

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