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The guys behind Dead or Alive are really confused…

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Tecmo’s Team Ninja seems to have completely lost the plot following the departure of their sword-wielding rockstar former leader Tomonobu Itagaki; as evidence by the absolute pile of horse manure they produced that made a mockery of Ninja Gaiden’s once proud heritage. It seems they’re just as confused and directionless when it comes to Dead Or Alive.

Earlier this year, they said that they wanted to bring some class to the DOA series – by toning down the boobs and jiggly-breast-physics that made the series famous in the first place.  Then, they demonstrated that commitment to class by announcing pre-order incentives that included bikini costumes. In the latest DOA 5 developer diary, the team admits it’s now unable to really decide whether it wants to make its fighting girls more grounded and real – or if it wants them to be the sort of stuf that makes prepubescent boys point and giggle. the game actually looks pretty good – but then again, so did Ninja Gaiden 3 until people actually played it.

Last Updated: August 29, 2012

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