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The International is about to reach $6 million stretch goal

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Gonna need a bigger boat

eSports is big business, and to prove it, there is some seriously big money on the line at The International. Dota 2 does really well with spectating – it seems more popular in that regard than the actually more popular to play League of Legends. Now, those spectators are making the tournament even more interesting to watch.

It’s all well and good to play a championship for a trophy, but we all know the stakes are way higher when there’s money involved. The more money, the more excitement. Now, thanks to The Compendium, the fourth International Dota 2 tournament is about to hit a $6 million prize pool. At the time of writing, the prize pool is currently sitting at $5 799 617. Valve has only stipulated Compendium rewards up to $6 million. Looks like it’s about time they start considering other stretch goals and rewards – I have a feeling there are still a bunch of people who haven’t bought Compendia yet.

It was just last week that I told you about the Compendium being launched. The prize pool is growing so fast – if it carries on at this rate (which is honestly unlikely) it would be a prize pool of about $20 million. For Dota 2. That certainly makes for interesting viewing – I’d imagine that a lot of major sports stations around the world would broadcast it, making eSports even more high profile. Realistically, the purchasing of Compendia should slow down, but what do you think is a realistic prize pool amount? $10 million? $15 million? It will be hard for Riot to keep up without adopting a similar model. They can’t just fork out that prize money from their own coffers – they’ll need spectator support to reach those kinds of figures.

Have you bought the Compendium? Are you getting excited to watch all the games, vote on your favourite teams and just generally get involved?

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Last Updated: May 19, 2014

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