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The Internet reacts to Galar form Weezing

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This year’s Pokémon Sword and Shield may not have every pocket monster under the sun within its Pokedex, but it’s more than making up for that lack of quantity with some pure quality. Huzzah! A video game with taste one might say, because Sword and Shield are currently shaping up to be the most quintessentially British incarnation of the Nintendo system-seller.

The Galar region is home to many an Anglophile inspiration, from quaint huts to booming architecture, Scottish fashion and a team of ruffians who are clearly based on the type of football hooligans who demand to know just ‘ow ‘ard you are, guv’nor. First-generation Pokémon Weezing may just be the most British addition to the game so far, thanks to the poison-type getting a much-needed refresh in the form of a Galar region evolution. Or in the case of this guy, an industrial evolution:


I love it. It’s the kind of silliness I live for, a Pokémon who looks like he’s ready to deny that climate change is real, will happily tell you of how he used to earn tuppence a day at the Team Rocket mill where he was blasted by a Pikachu at the end of every shift and feed on the tears of orphans as they make him more money. Naturally, the Internet did what it does best, which is run wild with fan art, video and memes highlighting just how wonderfully silly this new take on Weezing is. Enjoy:

Pokémon Sword and Shield is out on November 15, but classiness of this level will always be eternal.

Last Updated: August 8, 2019

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