Gavin asked me to do a top 10; my very own, personal top 10 favourite games. It’s left me really rather excited, and there is a very simple reason I find this so awe-inspiring; at college I was told for two straight years that the chances of me doing a top 10 anything is non-existent, especially while I am an intern. I did some thinking and after a few minutes I realised that I do not have any classic games in my top 10 list, much to Geoff’s dissatisfaction. This is simply because I am too young to fully appreciate these games and in the early nineties my family had almost no money for such frivolities as games.

I will be listing this from top to bottom. Also I love Fantasy games so do not be surprised about some of these.

Number 10: Fable 3

Now I know that most people have seen something wrong with the semi-new Fable games and for the most part I do agree with them. However I still went out and bought the game. I found the story to be not quite as deep as the previous two but honestly I did not care. Combining two spells into one is probably one of the best things I have ever experienced in a game about killing Hobbes and Trolls. That is why Fable 3 ranks number 10 in my list, though barely. I was seriously considering Diablo 3 then the auction house came knocking on my memory banks.


Number 9: Borderlands

Feel the sand between your feet, shoot a skag in the mouth and be one with the six-barrelled-shotgun-like-gun. That is what I remember most about Borderlands, mostly because I played it for the first time in good old Durban. A few weeks after my first exposure to the game I tracked it down at Musica. Never before had my then Pentium 4 CPU had to work so hard. I spent a lot of time just driving over, through and past things that dared to be in my way. To this day it remains my go-to-game to get rid of frustrations. Though a little less desert would have been nice.


Number 8: Fable 2

I only have one problem with Fable 2, the hair. The hair in the original Fable was a lot better. Wait, no, there is a second thing that irritated me. Yes doggy I know there is a chest, I am just trying to kill these here bandits first. Other than those small irritants I had a lot of fun playing Fable 2, I had a lot more fun killing those Gargoyles than I had any right to and the story told me so much more about the Fable universe.


Number 7: GTA San Andreas

This game is the only thing that has ever managed to make me to go to a gym. Though that was only because the chicken was being sold at a low price. This is one of the few games that my old Pentium 4 could run smoothly, on a cold winters night, with the fan on it. There really is not a single thing that I did not like about GTA San Andreas. It had flying tanks and when you crashed into the ocean you could actually swim. With some help from my cousin I eventually unlocked the second island and that is when the first real tragedy of my gaming life struck. My DVD reader actually spun the disc too fast and broke it. GTA San Andreas is lost to me.


Number 6: Forza Motorsport 4

The game that is currently breaking my Xbox, one HD car at a time. As someone that has a vehicular-inclined family I have been around cars that are broken my whole life. It is also the reason that I have been blessed with the unique advantage of playing almost every car game of the last 10 years. Forza 4 has a lot of great things about it; really nice graphics, beautiful cars, Jeremy Clarkson and a lot of DLC. There is only one thing that it does not have, neon lights. Every game is better with neon lights.


Number 5: Ratchet and Clank 2

I absolutely love this game. Without this game I would probably be playing Rugby somewhere on a dry field of grass. I got this game from a friend in 2006, and I have been craving the simplicity of Ratchet and Clank ever since. It was Ratchet and Clank that made me realise I was a gamer, simply because when I finished it I decided that playing it through again  was something that needs to be done. I love this game so absolutely that I am completely biased and I can not find anything wrong with it. No one is to point out any faults, or risk death.


Number 4: Fable

Ok, after everything so far I am sure that you were all expecting this to be somewhere. This is actually the first game that I finished all alone; just me and my PC whirring away in the background (yes it made actual sounds). I defeated Jack of Blades and got Avo’s Tear, because I am good. The horror of the bandits burning down Oakvale is still something that I am seeking revenge for to this day. I will be back, just going to kill Jack, again.


Number 3: Dark Souls

Doing the same thing over and over again has never felt so different. I am still having trouble with this game and unlike all other games here it is the only one that I have n
ot completed. Not for lack of trying though; it took me three solid hours to ring the first bell. Every time I play this game my entire body tenses up. I know that I will be playing for another few hours and nothing will be able to interrupt me. Dark Souls is one of the few games that I find truly challenging yet fun at the same time. I find myself strategizing how to get past something almost every day. I have not done that since my Diablo 2 days.


Number 2: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Just saying the name makes me feel all tingly inside. Guitar Hero might not be the most hardcore of games out there and I am sure that most “serious” gamers will say that it’s not really a game. I have luckily found a great solution to this; turn up the volume and show them how to do Dragonforce on hard.  I played through my matric exams with this game. Nothing on this earth is a better high than getting a perfect score on a bastard-difficult song . Unfortunately my copy of the disc got stolen and I am now an ex Guitar Hero player. Rocksmith here I come!


Number 1: Prince of Persia: The forgotten Sands

I had to think thoroughly about this one and after an arduous several minutes of thinking I found my number one game; Prince of Persia: The Forgotten. I bought this game with my very first pay check and I have been killing sand monsters ever since. I am currently on my fourth playthrough; I cannot seem to get the right combo for that one achievement. With everything that I have played throughout my life I have enjoyed POP the most.


So there is my Top 10. I have played a lot of games and through experience I know that almost no one will agree with me about any of them.

Also please do not ruin Ratchet and Clank for me in the comments.

Last Updated: October 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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