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The Last of Us, an incredible looking PS3 exclusive

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If one thing this past weekend’s VGA’s taught us is that the gaming community has not yet had enough of zombies and mutated humans.

And the title that is at the top of the must have pile for zombie killing is the new PS3 exclusive being developed by the incredible team over at Naughty Dog, The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog became truly famous for the work they did on the Uncharted series which is one of the most accessible blockbuster titles in gaming at this time. Yes it’s got violence in it but it’s as accessible as a shooter can be and has often been compared to a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

However they are about to take a step into the wilderness with their first M-Rated title that looks to include a ton of close combat violence, blood and mutants which isn’t a great idea for little Timmy to watch you play.

The trailer has also been rendered entirely on the PS3 which some places are now misreporting as real time. In engine is a far cry from real time and while I’m still hoping Naughty Dog can blow us away with an announcement down the road saying this is ingame and real time for now make sure you have your facts straight.

So what’s the game about? From what we can see and what’s we’ve been told you follow the story of Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a brave teenage girl wise beyond her years.

It’s set in a large American city and we can see that whatever disaster (plague) occurred has occurred quite a while back as nature is currently taking over the city. Joel has been telling Ellie about how people used to go about their normal daily lives in the city so we know it’s not too far in the future either.

In the video we see Joel grappling with a non mutant looking human and it made me wonder why if there are only a few people left why they’d be killing each other when there is a much greater threat just around the corner in the form of the mutants. That and why they’ve chosen to stay in the city that’s infested instead of making their way out of town to a farm or something which would be easier to defend and safer?

Either way the story sounds promising, the graphics are awesome and with Naughty Dog behind the project we can expect something truly special when it’s finally released exclusively on PS3.

Last Updated: December 12, 2011

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