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The Last of Us: Part II gets a viciously gruesome new trailer

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The Last of Us Part II trailer is super violent

Listen: The Last of Us isn’t exactly a frolic through a field of flowers. So it would be strange to expect that from its sequel. But hell, even I wasn’t prepared for how far down the brutal rabbit hole Naughty Dog is going for their post-apocalyptic sequel. And their new trailer is certainly difficult to watch at times.

There’s all manners of torture on a group of individuals that don’t really ring too many bells. Hangings, arrows through faces and some utterly devastating bone breaks with a hammer act as headlines to an otherwise vague showing, with no real glimpses of series protagonists, Joel and Ellie. The latter is especially curious, given that she’ll be the playable character this time around.

But things seem a little more feral. Tribes seem to have formed following the years and events of the first game, with allegiances between perhaps the dysfunctional Fireflies and whoever opposes them. I want to learn more about this, but The Last of Us: Part II seems to still be very, very far away.

Last Updated: October 30, 2017

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