The Lawn Supremacy: Episode 1

50 second read

Ognipode ZA, a local 360 gamer and graphic designer, has been hard at work creating a Halo 3 comic book and Episode 1 is now available to download.

Hopefully this is just the first of many issues and that it goes on to rival Red & Blue 😉

In this first episode we find out what a lawn is, who the lawnmower is and what happens when you allow idiots near explosives.

The PDF is 2.9Mb and is well worth the download. Even if only to finally understand this whole Lawn thing that has been started.

So take a look and if you  have any thoughts on what else you think the comic needs leave a comment below and I will make sure he gets them….

Link to Comic

Last Updated: October 15, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    Heh heh,

    Nice one guys.

  • Thanks Doobi, i hope it was worth all the time and effort, i dont want to see halo theater again for a while… lol.

  • we want more we want more we want more!!

  • Awesome read! I hope they won’t be too slapstick though, we’ve already had Red vs Blue. Give us an involved story with deep characters. Looking forward to the next one!

  • doobiwan


    This is Halo, just make sure there’s teabagging in every episode and everyone will be thrilled 😉

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