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The Lazygamer Awards 2011 – Best RPG

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It’s been an incredible year for those of us who like our immersive, single-player experiences. We’ve gotten to augment our bodies, slay dragons, clear our names of regicide , died lots and hated the hell out of Kirkwall.

Here are the nominees for best RPG:

The Witcher 2
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Dark Souls
Not Dragon Age II
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

And the award goes to:

The Lazygamer Awards 2011 – Best RPG 2 Skyrim

Winner: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hardly a surprising choice; Skyrim is just such an incredibly well constructed (albeit buggy as all hell) single player experience beyond compare. It’s undoubtedly the biggest, deepest world available to explore, sucking up your free time  and spitting out pure escapism. Unless you’ve been playing on a PS3.

Runner-Up: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Last Updated: December 21, 2011

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