The Lazygamer E3 2015 Diaries – It’s the final countdown

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Much to the relief of many people, E3 2015 is over. It was a hell of a show, perhaps one of the best E3’s in many a year. And it was of course made better by our daily vlogs. At least that’s what my over-inflated ego constantly tells me. That, and to eat more unhealthy food. Here’s another one of those vlogs, from the last day of E3. And it includes a surprise!

Surprise murder that is. THE DAY IS MINE!

Some people still talk in whispered tones that Sandy may still be alive. I’m here to rubbish those claims. For you see, my inflatable Frostmourne is an enchanted blade. It deals +100 damage to cabbages, and steals all shange and shappies as a passive bonus.

Rumours of Sandy still wandering LA over the weekend, before finally boarding a flight back home, are merely that. Rumours.

Day three may have been my favourite day of E3 2015. I had more free time, and thus, I had more time to explore and get up to…shenanigans. Shenanigans that will be seen in our wrap-up video. But that’s when the best stories of E3 are told, as we huddle around a campfire and spin a yarn or two about our adventures there.

Maybe it’s a recollection of speaking to a developer who scares the ever-living crap out of me. Maybe it’s sitting down to play Barbie And Her Sister Puppy Rescue. Whatever the case, that’s just a part of E3 that I love, and that brings me back every year. Even if the Monday press gauntlet has me feeling like this:

Because by the Tuesday of E3, I’ll usually be at least this hopped up on energy:

That’s not a clip from Lethal Weapon. That’s a video we shot where I interviewed Gary Busey about his part in an upcoming Call Of Duty game. That’s how Gary Busey does all his interviews actually. Hell, that’s how I prefer to do interviews as well, now that I think about it. Man, am I looking forward to E3 2016…

Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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