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The Mass Effect Gun Replica You Will Sell Your Grandma For

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Sometimes people make cool stuff that looks like stuff from video games you’ve played or movies that you’ve seen… and you sit back and smile a little at how cute the idea is.

Then sometimes, people like the folks from Volpin Props whose wares you may have already seen in the past, come out and create something as magnificent as this. Any Mass Effect fan would kill to have this in their house, with the only thing better being a life-like replica of Miranda.

Hit the jump for the full gallery of this amazing replica.

Click ’em to see ’em real large.

201107261156.jpg 201107261156.jpg
201107261157.jpg 201107261157.jpg

If you want to see even more pics of the entire process of how it was built as well as get more information and amazing galleries of other projects, head on over to their website, linked below.

Source: Volpin Props via Kotaku

Last Updated: July 26, 2011

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