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The Medium – How to solve the basement door code, the vase puzzle, and get past the skin barrier

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The Medium is best experienced as a slow burn mystery with a good dollop of mystery thrown into its creepy mix, but it also has moments that’ll leave you scratching your head from time to time! There are two early puzzles that might leave you stumped, revolving around moths, secret doors, and very creepy skin barriers.

How do you get past them? Here’s how!

How to pass the skin barrier and solve the vase puzzle

The Sadness entity awaits Marianne on the second floor, but there’s just one problem: She can’t proceed any further! What’s a psychic detective to do? Start cracking some puzzles, that’s what. On the lower floor of the hotel wher you find a vase and too many damn moths in one corridor, the second floor puzzle may leave you stumped. No worries, here’s the solution to get past it:

  • Make certain that you have the hotel room key from the sideroom
  • Climbed down to the lower level
  • Found the vase that looks like a spirit charge altar in the spirit world
  • Found the old prescription
  • Found the book of William Blake Poetry that allows you to reconstruct a memory located by the balcony window
  • Noticed that your path is blocked by moths and a gross skin barrier

To charge the vase with enough energy so that your spirit form can bust through the moth corridor,you’ll need to do the following:

  • Open the the old prescription and the poetry book, using the prompts to piece more of the area’s story together
  • Head to the balcony
  • Trigger an out of boy experience on the ledge, and you’ll see a not-so-broken walkway that you can traverse in the spirit realm.
  • Reconstruct another memory.
  • Interact with the pot plant.
  • Interact with a hole in the other room.
  • Drain the bathtub.
  • Recover the razor blade charged with negative emotions.
  • Return to the physical world.
  • Cut through the skin barrier with the razor blade.
  • Go back to the rooms you were just in and check the pot plant, which now holds a dried sunflower.
  • Take the sunflower, return to the first room and place it in the vase.

And there you go! A tricky early puzzle in The Medium, solved quickly enough so that you can experience the rest of the horrifying story.

How to solve the Basement door code

Here’s the scene: There’s a basement underneath a burned house, but a secret door remains as the only barrier to whatever nastiness lies beyond. How do you solve it? Well there are two ways to do so.

The long way

You’ll need two key pieces of information to uncover the code for this puzzle. In the side room of the basement where you find the locker, you’ll notice a scrap of paper on the nearby table. The locker itself has small box inside of it, that is supposed to contain a pocket watch but it has gone missing. Inside the box is a message that details how the watch was meant to be a gift for a 10-year anniversary..

The piece of paper on the table? A receipt for the pocket watch, dating back to 1976. Do a little bit of maths, and you’ll work out a very special year that the gift was meant to celebrate.

The short way

The code is 1966. Enter the code into the locked door in the basement, and Marianne can push forward in her creepy adventure.

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