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The most delicious-looking breakfast you’ll see all day was actually made in Dreams

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Beech breakfast 2

Nothing kickstarts a day better than the age old tradition of breaking that fast that you endured while you caught some sleep at night. Maybe you’re a simple chap who enjoys a bowl of granola served in a bowl of piping hot milk first thing in the morning, maybe you’re rich enough to afford a full fry-up or maybe you’re history’s greatest monster and you eat your Weet-Bix with water. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

Point is, breakfast is essential stuff. It wakes you up, gives you that much-needed go-go juice to survive a day at work and it’s usually made out of ingredients that are absolutely scrumptious to behold. Like this:

Beech breakfast

See that image above? Here’s the catch: It ain’t real. What you see above you is a full English breakfast made entirely within Dreams, the upcoming sandbox creation game from Media Molecule. In a showcase effort of just how much creativity you’re afforded within the game, Media Molecule’s senior designer John Beech whipped up the reason why my desktop monitor is now coated in drool and tongue smears, much like my current anime waifu body pillow.

It’s impressive stuff, doubly so the more you look at it. Beech didn’t just create a full plate of eggs, bacon and oh god why beans WHY. That food has a ton of detail thrown on top of it like Sriracha sauce on eggs (THE BEST), tiny nuances that help sell the realism of Dreams and the potential for imagination lurking beneath the surface. Heck, I can feel my cholesterol rising just by gazing at those wonderfully greasy rashers of bacon.

If you want to see more of Beech’s breakfast, you can do so right here. For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until February 14 to enter the Dreams kitchen and whip up a meal that would impress even the most foul-mouthed of chefs. Oh, and a whole lot more as well, should the fancy strike you.

Last Updated: January 6, 2020

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