The Naruto manga officially ends next month

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I may give the Naruto games a fair amount of grief, but I can’t fault the actual source material for not being entertaining. Hell, it’s been entertaining for over a decade now. And that long-running manga is coming to an end next month.

According to the Asahi Shimbun, the final Naruto chapter will be printed on November 10 in Weekly Shonen Jump. That’s pretty much a scant five chapters to go (SPOILER MASSIVE SPOILER TURN AWAY NO JUTSU) for the title character and his eternal rival Sasuke to actually start a fight and pepper it with flashbacks and some such stuff.

This of course, coming from a showdown that has been running for two years and only just recently ended. Two freakin’ years. But what a ride it has been. Naruto first debuted in 1999, although my first exposure to the property was through the anime series that followed not long after it achieved a hit statues.

From there, I regularly read less-than-legit scanlations, while also peppering my bookshelf every month with the official trade paperbacks. A bookshelf, that is groaning under the weight of 60 plus of these little books so far. And I’m still not done yet. While November marks the end of the Masashi Kishimoto series, there’ll still be some animated Naruto on the way when The Last: Naruto Movie arrives in Japanese cinemas in December.

Now what the bloody hell am I going to read? Probably more One-Punch Man. At least I still have Bleach, History’s Strongest Fan Service and Claymore to still rea…Well crap, that’s also all done orfinishing soon.

Last Updated: October 6, 2014

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