The newly designed Xbox 360 is guaranteed not to Red Ring…

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The corporate vice president of Microsoft Game studios, Phil Spencer, has been chatting to IGN about the new Xbox 360 and we have received a guarantee of sorts about the new consoles never being able to red ring.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t fail

“Now obviously, the box has a way to communicate to you if something has happened…but yes, three red lights are not part of our sequence of telling somebody something is wrong. Obviously if you look at the success rate of the original 360s, we’re very proud of both the way the company stepped up to support the customers that we had as well as the success rate we have with the box today. I think we’ve learned a lot. That learning has gone into the development of this [new] box”

It’s no surprise really, the RROD has been the biggest PR disaster for the Xbox brand in this generation and even though the latest consoles have been really stable it hasn’t been able to distance itself from those initial failures.

Let’s just hope we are not now inundated with a whole new type of error that we’ll need a new name for.

Source: IGN

Last Updated: June 17, 2010

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