The Next-Box is going to watch your eyes…always

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Fact of life: South African TV services are a bigger waste of cash than the Joburg highway robbery tolls. After all, doesn’t it just burn you up when you realise that your TV license fees are funding Top Billing? No, the more savvy gamer knows that digital services are far better. And it looks like the Next-Box is going to take advantage of that fact when it watches you while you sleep.

While Sony seems to be going with a pure gaming device for the Playstation 4, it looks like Microsoft is going to continue to expand their Durango console as a Jack of all trades entertainment hub. Step one of that plan, involves getting more TV services on the console in order to keep butts planted in the living room.

Sources over at The Verge say that the console will be able to take over televisions, much like what Google TV already does. This of course, will require that always-online connection, but it should be easy to deal with. By taking the signal from a decoder box through the HDMI port, the Next-Box will then theoretically be able to offer you that same content, but with a Microsoft user interface.

And that’s where things get interesting.

By using the upgraded Kinect sensor, the console will then be able to detect several people in a room, as well as eye movement. What that means, is that the second you take your eyes off the screen and turn your head, the action will pause.

Which is actually a pretty decent idea. Nobody likes adverts, but we live in an age where we are pretty much too easy to pause the action ourselves just so that we can hit the loo and evacuate our bowels. But it’s the potential to expand on that idea, that is present.

It sounds tiny, but if Microsoft can create a console that features a vastly improved user interface, then arm-waggling could be a viable draw here. Also, screw the SABC and DSTV, because I’m sick of throwing cash at them every year that gets spent on soapies where people frown and stare hard as the camera fades out.

Give me digital TV, give me more Netflix and make it easier for me to hit pause by doing sweet buggerall. I’m ready for the batin’ future of Idiocracy anyway.

Last Updated: April 11, 2013

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