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The next Command and Conquer won't smell bad like the last game

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I’m a pretty big Command and Conquer fan. Or I was, until the last couple of games hit the PC. They’d devolved into something that was just plain…awful, and I wept manly tears of frustration at this. But with an upcoming F2P title on the horizon, we might finally get the old CnC back.

“The first thing we said was, we need to kind of wash the stain of C&C 4 away,” lead designer Samuel Bass said in a developer diary via Game Informer.

“To do that, you really have to get back to your roots, back to what it was made your fans your fans in the first place.”

So how does one go ahead and create a Command and Conquer game for today that still hits all the right nostalgia notes? According to Victory Games, it means going back to the roots of the franchise with “base building that doesn’t feel like a chore; harvesting that doesn’t require your full attention; and a focus on fast action and lots of viable strategies” as well as “upgrades that matter” and “player powers that feel visceral”.

Which is most likely why the upcoming free to play Command and Conquer game has a vibe very much line in with the Generals branch of that franchise. Still, it can’t hurt to go in that direction, as Command and Conquer 4 just didn’t fit in with what had come before in the series. Something that I’m aiming my stink-eye at Red Alert 3 for.

The Frostbite-powered game is currently going through a beta phase, with sign-ups still available to take part in it.

Last Updated: May 10, 2013

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