The next Mass Effect 3 DLC is going to make you cry

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Hands down, I’ve got to admit that Mass Effect 3 has had the best support this year for extra content, minus that whole mess with the ending. Extra multiplayer packs, most of which were free, as well as several DLC packs to fill in gaps with the story, have really complemented the game. And Bioware still isn’t finished adding more to the tale, as their next bit of DLC is going to be a tear-jerker apparently.

Bioware Edmonton will be handling this bit of DLC, instead of the Montreal branch. Designer Jos Hendricks confirmed the new DLC over on the Bioware Forums, saying that “It’s all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved”.

The new DLC will also have a few new tunes mixed in, as series composer Sam Hulick returns, having skipped out on the Leviathyn and Omega DLC already. Hulick tweeted the following, signalling his return:

As for which characters will be featured in the new DLC, Bioware voice director Caroline Livingstone tweeted thanks to Seth Green for turning in another session as the Normandy pilot, Joker;

Eurogamer says that Raphael Sbarge also threw in a few new lines back in October already, for Kaiden Alenko, which most likely means that Ashley will also be back for the DLC, which is rumoured to be more focused on the political hub of the Citadel.

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Y’know, Hulick already pulled on my heart strings with the original piano keys in the first Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. If he is planning to make me sadder, then this DLC probably comes with lipstick and an Electric Light Orchestra LP.

Last Updated: December 6, 2012

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