The next Soul Calibur is single player, free to play. Why?

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Namco Bandai is making a new PS3 game in the Soul Calibur series of fighting games. this should have fans pretty excited, but right now, most are left scratching their heads and/or beards, wondering just what on earth Namco is thinking. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, you see, is a single player only fighting game, removing the element from fighting games that makes them so much fun in the first place. Oh, and it’s free to play.

But why? Why would you trip multiplayer out of a 1-on-1 fighting game?

"This was done intentionally because as we said people do enjoy fighting other people, but one thing we noticed with the Soul Calibur fanbase is that a lot of people really enjoyed the game for its story, setting and atmosphere," producer Masaki Hoshino told Eurogamer. "They didn’t like playing against other people – when you lose it’s not exactly a great feeling. So we decided to tailor something to this player base."

"This might seem unusual, but we’ve done a lot of research and noticed the Soul Calibur group was different to Tekken. That group like fighting against each other, whereas Soul Calibur fans really want to look at the characters and enjoy the atmosphere, and we had an overwhelming response in that direction, so that’s why we chose that."

That’s cool, but why not both? Why not include a robust single player game as well as multiplayer? NetherRealm has shown its possible to include a hefty single player campaign with Mortal Kombat and Injustice…but multiplayer’s the only reason people keep playing after the story’s over.

Here’s a trailer for the game, out of TGS.

Last Updated: September 19, 2013

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