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The next Xbox controller is a lot like the current Xbox controller

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While we’ve been hit in the face with a barrage of news about Sony’s PlayStation 4, we’ve seen and heard very little about the next-generation Xbox from Microsoft. Today, via Kotaku, comes some news about its controller.

And according to their sources, it’s very much like the current one, only a little smaller. Unlike the controllers from the Japanese competition, the Next Xbox’s primary input doesn’t feature anything particularly new; there’s no giant touch screen, no flashing bars of light, no built-in speakers or any sort of touch input at all.

Though I’d prefer a little more innovation,  I can’t say I’m at all upset about that. The 360 controller is, as far as I’m concerned, pretty close to perfection; save of course for that godawful, clunky D-Pad. Fix that (more than they have with the newer transforming controller) and  it’ll be a winner.

Unfortunately, unlike with the PS4 controller, it’s quite likely we won’t be treated to a pre-announcement leak. Apparently all of the new controllers in the wild have been painted with stripy, zebra-like markings that may or may not be unique and traceable

If the rumours and speculation are true, we should be learning a little more about Microsoft’s next box later this month.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013

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