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The Official E3 2014 floor plans are out

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A little while back we published the rumoured E3 2014 floor plans only for us to be contacted by the guys at E3 who informed us that those were wrong and could we please take them down.

Seeing as it was misinformation we didn’t really have an issue blurring out the details and now we have the 100% correct information to give you. According to the ESA these are the official E3 2014 floor plans.

First up we have the West Wing which houses Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the Oculus Rift which possibly makes this the floor I would spend all my time in.

The Official E3 2014 floor plans are out 3

And no don’t panic the blank ones aren’t actually empty I just couldn’t write in their names and keep the plan looking reasonably good. You can see the entire West Hall plan here

Next up we have the South Hall

The Official E3 2014 floor plans are out 4

Here we get to see that Activision, EA and Ubisoft are unsurprisingly the largest exhibitors but with Wargaming also making a solid display alongside Disney and Take-Two. I have to admit I’m surprised at the size of the Warner Bros stand but they have been making some serious inroads recently and it is definitely starting to show.

Sega have secured themselves a great central location and we will definitely be sending our roving reporters over to the Videogame History Museum to take a look at what that is about.

As before the smaller stands are taken and you can find all their details on the official site right here. Bear in mind as well that this isn’t all there is at E3; there are closed-off meeting rooms and rooms in the concourse between halls, showcasing all manner of other game and related product.

Last Updated: May 26, 2014

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