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PSN sale totally digital

Steam often has glorious sales that lead to epic backlogs, but the console gamers also need the love. PS Plus generally ensures that I always have a huge backlog of awesome games to play, but just in case I missed some, the PlayStation store has launched a sale that will make my bank account bleed.

The Totally Digital sale will run until the 8th of October and puts some incredible discounts on digital favorites. Just check out some of these prices.

PlayStation 4

  • Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty = R229 (R206 with PS+)
  • Valiant Hearts = R149 (R134.10 with PS+)
  • Transistor = R193 (R154.40 with PS+)
  • Entwined = R73 (R65.70 with PS+)
  • Flower = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • flOw = R44 (R39.60 with PS+)
  • Don’t Starve = R99 (R89.10 with PS+)
  • Awesomenauts Assemble = R87 (R69.60 with PS+)
  • OlliOlli = R65
  • Super Motherload = R99 (R89.10 with PS+)
  • Escape Plan = R129 (R116.10 with PS+)
  • Stealth Inc: Ultimate Edition = R73 (R58.40 with PS+)

PlayStation 3

  • Limbo = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Dead Nation = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Lemmings = R29 (R26.10 with PS+)
  • Beyond Good and Evil HD = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Braid = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • The Cave = R73 (R65.70 with PS+)
  • Trine 2 = R87 (R69.60 with PS+)
  • PixelJunk Shooter = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Luftrausers = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Proteus = R73 (R58.40 with PS+)

PlayStation Vita

  • Rogue Legacy = R129 (R116.10 with PS+)
  • Entwined = R73 (R65.70 with PS+)
  • Limbo = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • OlliOlli = R65
  • Luftrausers = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Steamworld Dig = R58 (R52.20 with PS+)
  • Eufloria HD = R73 (R65.70 with PS+)
  • escapeVektor = R58 (R52.20 with (PS+)

That’s just a small sampling of all the games that are currently on sale. There are a bunch that were previously on PS+ as well, so if you missed out on them back in the day, you can still pick them up for a bargain.

Thanks to PS+, my PlayStation backlog is actually becoming larger than my Steam one. Then, of course, there’s also the Xbox backlog, and a few 3DS games I still want to spend more time with. Have you spread your backlog across multiple platforms, or are you only building one up in one place?

Last Updated: September 25, 2014

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