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The problem with Indie games is that very often they are either just terrible or don’t have the quality production levels that we have come to expect.

However if you can look past the rough edges you will often find a game with a truly unique gameplay idea that you just know you are going to see in a full game in the near future.

Tag: The Power of Paint is one such title as they entire thing appears to revolve around your use of a paint gun.

For example it has no jump button but if you spray green paint on the floor it will bounce you up and over an obstacle or you can put it on two walls which are close together and you will bounce up to the top of the tunnel.

The red spray can gives your character a dash of speed which is especially helpful in getting through a small gap without being squashed or for getting up enough speed to make that impossible jump.

I will leave you to find out what the blue can does…

However that simple gameplay mechanic is not the only great part about this game, the way the levels have been put together is very reminiscent of Portal or Braid and will leave you with an immense feeling of accomplishment if you manage to complete them all without watching the video above…

Source: PowerOfPaint

[Thanks Gazza for the tip]

Last Updated: April 8, 2009

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