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The Protoss are finally ready to fight back in new StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Story Trailer

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Legacy of the void story trailer

StarCraft II is primarily known for its religious eSports following, because it manages to create some of the most intense, nail-biting matches you could possibly hope for when watching a live video game. Or so, I’ve been told – I’ve never actually watched competitive StarCarft, nor do I have any inclination to try it at all. I play StarCraft for the other excellent component: story. And with Legacy of the Void wrapping up a five-year long trilogy, you bet they’re pulling out all the stops.

But instead of intense Protoss on Zerg slaughter, this new trailer for the impending expansion takes a step back. While acting as a very brief reminder of why the Protoss are taking the fight back to their Zerg infested homeland, Reclamation gives us a closer look at main character Artanis. A legendary commander of the Protoss, Artanis sits on the eve of battle, pondering if his race is stuck in an endless loop of conflict – before a short pep talk remind him that fighting for your legacy is one battle worth dying for.

Sure there’s no new gameplay to speak of, but who doesn’t love some extraterrestrial exposition in the cold, endless void of space? Wait, are the Protoss ET or are the Terrans? Technically we brought Kerrigan into space only to have her turn into the ghoulish Queen of Blades. Commanding the Zerg forces, Kerrigan destroyed the Protoss homeworld on her revenge path back to earth, which the Protoss now find themselves dealing with. So yeah, humans are just awful I guess.

That’s fine though, because Legacy of the Void is all about you and the Protoss, and hopefully wrapping up the entire story in expected epic fashion. It’s out on November 10th on PC.

Last Updated: September 28, 2015

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