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The PS Vita is almost as powerful as contemporary PC’s

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The PS Vita is obviously a fantastic piece of hardware, but it is missing a few things, as is evident from the info filtering in from last week’s Tokyo Game Show. Sure, it may have the energy efficiency of a hummer truck on steroids, and Sony is once again looking to ring a few bucks out gamers with a proprietary memory card format yet again, but at least the handheld has some serious power under the hood.

In fact, it has so much power, that some analysts are comparing it to several high-end PC’s on the market today.

Using an ARM chipset, a brand that can be found in basically every single piece of modern, portable hardware such as the iPhone and 3DS, the particular technology in the Vita has enough processing power to challenge new computers.

“Game developers will get the best out of this platform”, said ARM’s media processing division general manager Lance Howarth to EDGE. “It’s going to be a massive leap on in terms of technology”.

The ARM chipset in the Vita reportedly runs at 2.50 DMIPS/MHZ per core, with the CPU clocking in at 2GHZ, similar to anything on your desk right now. But Sony is more concerned with a device that is efficient over raw power, and so have tailored the Cortex-A9 chipset be “more power efficient to run quad-core at a lower speed than dual-core at a higher speed”.

With a region free setting, and a launch line-up that looks set to be the hot gadget of the year when it launches, the Vita is looking to be a fine piece of gaming hardware, despite having a few faults to its design.

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Last Updated: September 19, 2011

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