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The PS3 re-reviewed

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Last year the highly respected technology site, with a terrible name, Arstechnica reviewed the PS3 and famously gave it a 6/10. They were completely underwhelmed with the bad Blu-Ray support, terrible media center abilities, shocking controllers, sub standard games and unfulfilled promises…

So now that it’s a year later and all the firmware updates have taken affect what do they think now?

Well in the time since the last review they have dropped their numerical review scoring so we can’t compare in that regard but reading through the 4 pages it becomes blatantly obvious that they now love the PS3. [Update] I seemed to have missed the image… They gave it a 9 which is a fantastic score now…

Not only is it now the best Blu-Ray player on the market, it is also the only console to be 100% DivX certified which makes it a fantastic home entertainment console already. Add to that the fact that the controller is now getting rumble back and the games are no longer sub standard Xbox 360 ports and things are looking rosey for the PS3 and Sony once again.

However there are still problems in regards to the online ability of the PS3, which are expected to be resolved when Home is released, but honestly that is the last of the real problems with the PS3.

In my personal opinion the PS3 has improved in leaps and bounds in the last year, which it really needed to do, and the Xbox 360 has missed it’s chance to pull away due to the bean counters in Redmond wanting to see a profit… It was a very short sighted move and has most probably lost the very real possiblity of beating the PS3 in this generation…

Source: Arstechnica

[Thanks to Nick for the tip]

Last Updated: June 10, 2008

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