The silence and squeals of space in No Man’s Sky

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No man s sky

No Man’s Sky is easily one of my favourite things I saw at E3. Behind closed doors, seeing how the game actually plays out and could appeal to a wide variety of players, it’s shot to the top of my list of anticipated titles. Now you can see just a small sliver of why it’s looking oh so rad.

It seems that Sean Murray sent some YouTubers some b-roll of the game. For those who don’t know, this is typically footage selected randomly from a PR-happy play through. It’s meant to be layered over interviews or as backing while YouTubers talk about a game. It’s what Matty works with to make us look good and cover up my incessant interview nodding and other silly quirks we might have. One YouTube channel was sent six minutes of footage. While they ruin it later by talking about what they saw, at least you can get six minutes of gameplay footage with the actual sights and sounds of what you can expect when playing the game:

I know the game is about exploring space, but I love the planetary gameplay. It’s just so cool to wander around, exploring an uncharted world that is truly uncharted because not even the game creators know what’s on it. I just want to hop from planet to planet, discovering new forms of life, sending in my discoveries and generally living a peaceful, exploring existence. I know some of you will want to shoot everything you see, but at least we’ll all be galaxies apart so you won’t even know that my pacifist exploration is going great.

The sound effects are particularly cool. I like that you can hear all the squeals of the animals when they’re around you, but if you’re underwater or in space, the sounds are totally different. Plus, it’s a huge relief that there isn’t some irritating kind of backing track to the whole thing. It feels much more immersive that sometimes it will be jarringly loud with life, and other times, the dead silence of space (minus your ship’s air circulation and engine noises).

Last Updated: June 25, 2015

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